COVID19 Response

Due to current circumstances, the Charm City Chess Club will not meet in person until it is safe to do so. Instead, every Monday, we will meet virtually on! For now, each Monday at 6pm we meet virtually on for a 10|0 live tournament. We are open to suggestions for other events we can hold remotely.

The Charm City Chess Club

The Charm City Chess Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our Baltimore chess club meets each Monday at the Barnes & Noble on the Johns Hopkins University campus (3330 St. Paul St) from 6pm (often a little earlier) to 9pm. Membership is free! Typically, our members meet around the Starbucks coffeeshop inside the store. As always, please be considerate and remember to patronize the coffeeshop.

We also hold quarterly USCF rated tournaments with cash prizes! For more information, contact our director, Alan Horowitz (917-573-5775).

Barnes & Nobel has been very generous to us so please do not bring outside food. Instead, patronize their wonderful cafe!